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End of Production AAN 10/B

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AAN 10/B Production Discontinued

Product Designation Type Part Number
Power Supply Unit AAN 10/B 0008.7424.00
Power Supply Unit AAN 10/B/RAL7001 0008.7483.00

The products are in continuous production since the early 1990s. Essential parts became unavailable as already reported in May 2021.
The situation forced us to discontinue production effectively 31.12.2021 (EOL).
From today point of view, we can keep the products in service for repair and spare part availability until 31.12.2025 (EOS).


A replacement product that may replaces the units in form, fit and function is not available.
Following requests of customers, the replacement of the AAN 10/B is the 19-inch 1 HU unit:

AAN 110 (2061.0110.00) replaces AAN 10/B

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