Applicable for

Combination Antennas


Type Designation
Part Number Remark
Active Element AE DA 00-05-83-02-00 AAK 5200
Active Element AE DC 00-05-66-04-00 HD 2 A
Active Element AE DD 00-05-66-05-00 HD 1 A
Antenna Rod STA 10 00-05-42-02-00  
Antenna Rod STA 20 00-05-42-00-00


Diode Quad 00-08-90-00-00  
Flat Gasket 11 D/0254  
Flat Gasket 12 D/0255  
Phase Shifter PS A 00-08-99-00-00 AAK 5200

Spare part list are subject to change without prior notice, errors excepted.

Further spare parts are available on request.


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