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aas.tech GmbH & Co. KG is a provider of transmission technology and communication systems with a focus on active and passive antenna systems, receiving and transmission technology. The range of services includes design, development, construction, manufacture, sales, project management, installation, commissioning, training, and services.

Our team now look back on over 40 years of experience. The company's history is accompanied by successes, but difficult times such as the current Corona crisis have so far been successfully mastered.

Our roots reach back to Diekmann & Klapper Gerätebau GmbH (DUK) in the 80s, for whose products we can still offer services today. Through Active Antenna Systems AAS GmbH, aas.tech GmbH & Co. KG has equipped itself for the future and developed into a system provider and service company.

We develop, design and manufacture control and transmission systems as well as radio and data communication equipment for land and sea-based applications.

In addition to the technical system solutions, we offer services such as project management, integration of third-party products, service, integrated logistics, measurement technology, software products, verification, and documentation.

Our customers are predominantly users and system integrators for complex integrated communication and defence systems. As a specialist, we can meet their commercial and defence requirements for maritime, mobile, and land-based applications with our high-quality systems and products. Our systems and products can be adapted to special customer needs, and we are set up to implement individual requirements as well.

We deliver to all continents and our customers all over the world benefit from our know-how as a professional partner for their needs.

It is our mandate that we value your trust and act accordingly.

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