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STA 10 A/D/0.01-0.6

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The STA 10 A/D/0.01-0.6 is an active monopole receiving antenna providing omnidirectional characteristics in the long-wave bands.
It covers the frequency range from 0.01 - 0.6 MHz.

Due to its small dimension and the very low radiation coupling, this active antenna is particularly qualified for mobile as well as stationary application under unfavourable localities.

An amplifier circuit directly connected to the base point of the antenna rod matches the high impedance of the rod to the low input impedance of the receiver or the connected coaxial cable.

The aas.tech active receiving antennas are fitted with amplifiers providing a high RF dynamic range to avoid degradation of the reception system characteristics.

A multistage protection circuit at the input of the active element ensures that the antenna electronics will not be damaged even in case of lightning strikes in immediate proximity.

Screw-on rods allow easy matching of the rod length to a wide variety of operating conditions.

Regarding the robust construction and the use of weatherproof materials our active antennas can be used under extreme environmental conditions.

The nominal operating voltage for the antenna is 39 Vdc. The AAN power supply series or an aas.tech Antenna Distribution System is used to feed the operating voltage to the active element via the coaxial cable

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