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Antenna Matchings Units AAPG Series

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The antenna matching unit (AAPG) correctly matches the complex impedance of an antenna to the transmitter over a wide frequency range. No retuning of the matching elements is required during operation. In general, the antenna matching unit does not require operational actions by the user.

Depending on the application and customer requirements, different housings are available.

The housings are robust, fully sealed and meet all environmental requirements for exposed locations even in the harsh conditions at sea.

The robust devices consist of a cast housing with a removable cover. There are cases with side panels and lids, cast in the form of cooling fins and with transport handles on the front and rear ends, which also serve as stand-off protection.

The AAPG series is modular in design, which ensures easy repair and replacement of components.

A dome insulator is attached to the front of the housing. Protruding bolt serves as antenna connector.

At the rear or side end of the housing is a ground connection and a coaxial jack (preferably 7/16 inch) for connecting the transmitter to the device.

The antenna matching units of the AAPG series are manufactured according to application or customer specification.

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