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The aas.tech Part Number

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A product is identified by a 10-digit part number.

To improve readability, it has proven useful to use separators:

until 30.06.2020 we used “-“ as separator: xx-xx-xx-xx-xx 00-05-58-05-00
since 01.07.2020 we use a dot (“.”) as separator: xxxx.xxxx.xx 0005.5805.00

Revision of a Part Number

Until 30.06.2020 we used a small letter following the part number to indicate the revision of a product.

Since 01.07.2020 we use the abbreviation “Rev” and a revision number to indicate the revision of a product.

Revision Indication until 30.06.2020 Revision Indication since 01.07.2020
“_” (underscore) Rev 00
a Rev 01
b Rev 02
c Rev 03
... ...

If the part number (10 digits) is identical an aas.tech product matches in form, fit and function with previous revisions no matter what the revision says. A device with a higher revision replaces one to one a device with a lower revision.

To identify an aas.tech product the part number is relevant only (only the first 10 digits without the revision are relevant).
Generally, we always manufacture and deliver the latest revision.

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