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AVB Series (1.5 – 30 MHz)

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The Antenna Distribution System AVB is a flexible non-blocking switching distribution solution for short wave communication applications. The AVB series is furnished into a single 19-inch 2 HU slide-in unit and covers the frequency range from 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz providing the non-blocking switching distribution of up to 4 antenna inputs to max. 20 receiver outputs.

The AVB 10 series is available in various configurations with 1 - 4 inputs and up to 10 outputs.

The AVB 20 series is available in various configurations with 1 - 4 inputs and up to 20 outputs.

The AVB series provide

- Remote control interface (Network LAN or serial interface)
- Flexible configuration to meet application needs
- Fast input to output non-blocking switching
- Switchable input attenuator (automatic – 0dB – 6dB – 20dB)
- Input protection 2 kV 50 us
- Monitoring of active antennas, preamplifiers, and channel amplifiers
- Number of inputs and outputs according to customer requirement
- Special preamplifiers available for limitation of frequency range or passive bypass
- No restriction concerning the antenna selection

The AVB series can be powered from a standard AC and/or DC (battery) mains supply.

Customer requirements can be considered on request.
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