aas.tech Part Number - NSN

aas.tech Part-No. - NSN

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Article list aas.tech Part Number (TKZ) – NATO Stock Number (NSN)

In the download we provide a product list with parts that are in our regular production.
Products that are no longer in regular production are no longer included in this list.
Please contact us in case of such needs.

We are still able to manufacture spare parts and repair service for products which are out of DUK or AAS production, even if the device comes from production lots 2000 or earlier. In many cases we can help. Please contact us in advance.

Please send your requests / order for products, replacement parts and repairs to:

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aas.tech GmH & Co. KG
Gutenbergring 53
22848 Norderstedt

Tel. +49 40 8836 42 200
E-Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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aas.tech Part Number - NATO Stock Number (NSN)

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